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Welcome to Strayfield

Welcome to Strayfield, the industry leader in Radio Frequency (RF) heaters and dryers. With more than half a century of research, industry, and manufacturing expertise, Strayfield is at the forefront of precise heating and drying technology on a global scale.

Strayfield’s RF technology has revolutionized the way moisture levels are controlled, making it the go-to solution for achieving consistent moisture levels at scale. Our advanced technology has been trusted by a diverse range of industries for decades, meeting our clients’ demands for enhanced productivity and unparalleled quality.

Radio Frequency (RF) & Heat Pump Technology

Through state-of-the-art R&D, Strayfield has innovated on a rich legacy of technology and developed applications within RF heating, drying and heat pump dehydration, that are pioneering the way modern processing is done.

RF Heating & Drying Applications

Our expertise and technology has been implemented on 4000+
installations across various applications

Partner With Us

At Strayfield, we aim is to provide unparalleled service and solutions across the spectrum of industries we cater to. As part of this ongoing commitment, we are always eager to explore new partnerships and collaborations that can enhance our service offerings and extend our reach.

We believe in the power of synergy and the incredible outcomes that can be achieved when the right minds come together. Whether you are an individual agent or an organization, we are open to discussing how we can work together for mutual benefit.

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