A Global Standard in high-speed drying lines for paper and thin substrates

RF (Radio Frequency) drying is a type of drying process that uses high-frequency electromagnetic energy to generate heat and dry materials. RF drying is particularly well-suited for thin paper and substrates due to its ability to dry these materials quickly and uniformly without causing warping or other damage.

Strayfield’s RF dryers can be a highly efficient and effective option for drying thin paper substrates, ceramic paper, match box striking surfaces, water based adhesives, leather sheets, packaging boards & many more thin substrates. Its speed, energy efficiency, ability to dry materials uniformly, and reduced environmental impact make it a compelling option for companies in a wide range of industries.

Technology Advantages

Strayfield Advantages

Transform your Web and sheet drying process with Strayfield’s RF Dryers. Enjoy consistent drying, eliminate warping, and achieve rapid drying speeds.

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