Radio Frequency dryers by Strayfield to ensure uniform drying with enhanced productivity of foam lines

Strayfield’s RF dryers for latex and foam offer improved productivity, efficiency, and quality for both drying and vulcanization processes.

Our systems utilize RF technology to provide rapid and uniform heat generation, making them suitable for various foam types and latex products. In addition to drying applications for foam materials such as polyurethane foam, memory foam, and latex foam, Strayfield’s RF dryers are also effective for vulcanizing latex products. The precise and controlled heating ensures efficient vulcanization, resulting in enhanced product quality and performance. With their versatility and advanced technology, Strayfield’s RF dryers optimize both drying and vulcanization processes, delivering significant benefits to foam and latex product manufacturers.

Latex Drying

Latex Drying

Latex Drying

Latex Drying

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Strayfield Advantages

Dryers For

Latex Bedding

Latex Pillows

Medical Foam

Composite Foams

Experience Innovation in Latex Mattress Drying

Explore how our Radio Frequency Dryer revolutionizes the drying process in our latest case study. Learn how we drastically reduce drying time, save space, and cut down on manpower and fuel costs, all while ensuring top-notch quality without discoloration. Dive into a real-world example of our dryer in action, offering economic efficiency and unparalleled service. See the difference it makes in both productivity and quality.

Elevate your latex and foam production with Strayfield’s RF Dryers.

Experience a faster and more efficient drying while eliminating yellowing of your latex and foam. Our foam dryers operate in a wide range of industries including mattresses and bedding, upholstery, automotive, packaging, and medical foam.

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