RF processing lines by Strayfield to ensure food safety through disinfestation, disinfection and stabilization

Radio Frequency (RF) heating is a process that has been shown to effectively stabilize post-harvest produce.

When fruits and vegetables are harvested, they continue to respire and release heat, which can lead to spoilage and degradation of the produce. RF heating works by using high-frequency electric fields to heat the produce from the inside out, creating a uniform temperature throughout. This process helps to reduce the microbial load on the produce, inhibiting the growth of microorganisms that can cause spoilage.

Additionally, RF heating also reduces moisture content, which can further extend the shelf life of the produce. Lastly, RF heating also reduces the enzymatic activity in post-harvest produce by denaturing the enzymes that are responsible for catalyzing chemical reactions within the produce. Enzymes are proteins that can be affected by changes in temperature, pH, and other environmental factors.

RF heating produces heat, which can cause the protein molecules in the enzymes to vibrate and break down. As a result, the enzymes lose their catalytic activity and become inactive. This process is particularly effective for enzymes that are heat-sensitive, such as those involved in ripening and deterioration. Through RF heating, post-harvest produce can be stored for longer periods of time without experiencing spoilage or degradation, which ultimately leads to less waste and increased profitability for farmers and distributors.

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Disinfestation & Stabilization Lines For

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Post harvest produce

Safely disinfest and sanitize post-harvest produce without the use of chemicals or ionising radiation.

With our Radio Frequency solutions for food, you can protect your agricultural commodities from pests and harmful bacteria, all while preserving quality and freshness.

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