Radio Frequency Equipment for Textile Yarn Packages

Radio Frequency Drying Equipment.
Drying Equipment for Textile Yarn Packages, Loose Fibres, Hanks, and Tops

If you are in the textile industry, chances are that you need an RF drying machine. RF drying is the industry norm for the best-quality textile packages and loose fibers. RF drying offers high volume, high speed, and high-quality drying – exactly what is needed for large-scale textile industries.

That’s why Strayfield’s RF drying equipment is the perfect solution for your drying needs. Our RF dryers are designed specifically for the textile industry, and our team of experts can help you choose the right model for your needs.

RF Drying machines work by using high-frequency electrical fields to generate heat. This type of drying is much faster than traditional methods and can be used to dry large volumes of material quickly and evenly.

Strayfield RF Dryers offer a unique set of advantages to make sure your drying is the most efficient it can be. From its revolutionary Filtered Oscillator design that meets EN55011 standards for truly CE-compliant machines, to flat electrodes with lower power density and dual extraction designs providing an isolated energy field in the area of application, Strayfield dryers brilliantly solve all your drying related problems.

The double electrode balanced output minimizes RF emissions for improved results while automatically adjusting electrodes ensure controlled power and unmatched arc suppression all throughout their flat-style electrodes which produce a lower power density to give you a uniform gentle drying in no time.

We at Monga Strayfield implemented our RF Dryer in Indonesia; The RF Dryer was rated for a capacity of 464 Kgs/hr. production of Dyed Terry Rayon Yarn. The Power Consumption of the RF Dryer was 155 kW and resulted in a savings of 0.10 kW per Kg of yarn as compared to the nearest competition which produces only 240 kgs/hr for the same machine size.

Blend: 70% Terry and 30% Rayon

Bobbins: Perforated Steel Bobbins

Our RF Drying system ensured no influence of external environmental conditions, like humidity and temperature on production rate or drying performance. We achieved just-in-time results without any preheating involved – causing no yellowing, discoloration, or contamination between colors. The client did not require to do batch scheduling/color sequencing or frequent dryer cleaning.

Strayfield’s RF technology offered impressive advantages when drying a variety of textile packages. It enabled extremely fast and consistent drying times in comparison to traditional methods, all the while ensuring an even residual moisture distribution throughout each package or batch for optimal results without prolonged aftercare conditioning time.

The finished dye chemicals were minimally displaced while the physical and mechanical properties of yarns remain unharmed thanks to short timeframes at low temperatures free from stressors – often negating any rewinding steps after drying!

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