Case Study: Revolutionizing Latex Mattress Drying with Strayfield’s Radio Frequency Dryer

Client Profile

Company: Coco Latex Exports Pvt. Ltd. 

Industry: Latex Mattress Production 


Drying latex mattresses using traditional methods such as hot air, thermic fluid, or steam dryers can be a cumbersome process. Not only does it consume a significant amount of time, but it also requires substantial space within the manufacturing facility. Furthermore, these conventional drying methods often pose a challenge as they may lead to discolouration of the final product, compromising its overall quality and aesthetic appeal. Coco Latex Exports Pvt. Ltd. sought to acquire a drying technology that could address these issues effectively.


In 2020, Coco Latex Exports opted for Strayfield’s Radio Frequency Dryer for their latex mattress drying process, looking for a more efficient and quality-assured solution.


1. Space Efficiency

The Radio Frequency Dryer took up only one-third of the space compared to traditional drying systems.

2. Reduced Drying Time

Drying time was cut drastically from 15-18 hours to just 5-6 hours.

3. Increased Capacity

The dryer boasts a capacity of 125 kW RF, translating to about 6 to 7 king-size beds dried per hour.

4. Manpower Savings

The manpower required was reduced by 70%, as only 30% of the usual staff was needed compared to conventional systems.

5. Fuel Savings

The dryer resulted in fuel savings between 50 to 60%.

6. Superior Quality

There was no discoloration of the latex mattresses. The product maintained its natural color without the yellowish tinge and brown marks often seen after drying in steam dryers.

7. Economic Value

Though the initial investment was on the higher side, the long-term savings were pronounced. The payback time stood at a reasonable 2.5 years.

8. Exceptional Service

Coco Latex Exports received 24×7 service with an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

9. Minimal Spare Parts Requirement

The dryer’s efficiency and quality ensured very few requirements for spare parts.

Client Testimonial

“We highly recommend Monga Strayfield’s Radio Frequency Dryers to customers with critical drying requirements. The benefits, in the long run, significantly outweigh the initial investment. The exceptional service and the limited need for replacement of spares have added to our overall satisfaction.”


Monga Strayfield’s Radio Frequency Dryer has transformed the drying process for Coco Latex Exports Pvt. Ltd., offering superior efficiency, quality, and economic value. This successful partnership exemplifies the potential of innovation in industrial processes.

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